Cult of the Clouds 1.0 for The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind


Important Note!

This version of the mod has a bug that pops up under specific circumstances. If you find you lack either the "advancement" or "work" options in dialogue once you've joined the guild, pull down the console (press tilde, "~", the button to the left of the 1) and type the following commands:

addtopic "advancement" 1
addtopic "work" 1

This should force them to appear properly. At some point in the near future, I will release a v1.1 version to fix this bug. However, those looking to download the mod shouldn't bother waiting for it, as the fixes it will contain will be equivalent to these two console commands.


Version 1.0, completed 6/3/2002

Installation instructions:
To install, simply unzip to your "Morrowind\Data 
Files" directory.  If done properly, files will be added to the 
"Data Files" directory, as well as the "Icons," "Meshes," and 
"Textures" subdirectories.  To use the mod, start Morrowind using 
the launcher (NOT Morrowind.exe), select "data files," and make 
sure there is a check mark next to "MW_CultOfTheClouds_v10.esp."  
If upgrading from a previous version, please make sure to remove 
any items in patch-specific areas before loading the new file, and 
be very careful to have your newest save in an area not modified 
by the patch.

Patch Storyline:
For centuries, the two primary choices for any aspiring magic user 
on the island of Vvardenfell have been the Mages Guild and the 
House Telvanni.  No other faction on the island has ever provided 
access to as much power and prestige for your typical spellcaster-
in-training.  But, during the past few decades, rumors have begun 
to spread of a third, even more powerful collective.  Whispered 
snippets in dark alleyways speak of a cult of supremely strong-
willed scholars, so skilled in their craft that they can command 
the very skies.  And in the deepest holes, these hushed utterances 
even give this secretive sect a name: the Cult of the Clouds.

Patch Description:
The "Cult of the Clouds" mod adds a new faction, new items, new 
books, new dungeons, a new guild hall, new NPCs, new creatures, 
new quests, and more.  It can peacefully exist with most mods, as 
in most cases it makes only minor alterations to unpopulated 
areas.  If you DO find another mod that causes conflicts, please 
notify me via e-mail so I can add a warning to this file.

The main guild hall is located west of Dagon Fel, facing the river 
that runs north-south halfway through the island.  Other new areas 
can be found using the directions given in quests for the guild.  
All added features will be used if you choose to progress 
completely through the guild, completing ALL quests offered; note 
that it IS possible to advance to the final level in the guild 
without completing all quests, to allow for some choice in 

Errors in the Mod:
I am an English major.  Typos piss me off.  If you find one, e-
mail me and you'll get a mention in this file if I consider the 
error large enough to release another version of the mod.  Of 
course, I'd also be very grateful if you'd drop me a quick note if 
you've found any scripting or other errors.  Both myself and the 
beta testers have gone to great lengths to ensure the absence of 
any glaring problems, but Morrowind seems to be programmed for the 
specific purpose of producing unexpected results, so you never 
know.  As with any mod, save often, and always keep a "pre-mod" 
save in case things go horribly wrong.

Version History:
  This version.  No known bugs, no planned add-ons except by 
popular request.
  Beta version; contained some problems with guard scripting and 
one quest bug.

Thanks to:
Bethesda, for a good game with a passable editor
The Beta test squad, by username from the official forums:
Sean Hefferly for ideas and catching mistakes as I typed them over 
my shoulder
Chris Grame for ideas

Contact Info
Please feel free to contact me at with 
any comments, be they praising or critical.