Cluster 'Nades 1.0 for Doom 3


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Simple mod designed based on a request on the 
forum.  Makes the hand grenade produce, on detonation, a number of 
lesser grenades in random directions.

PK4 includes: updated handgrenade script



 * Copy "clusternade10" directory included in this ZIP to your 
"Doom 3" directory.  Please note that the PK4 file should NOT be 
in either the Doom 3/base or the root Doom 3 directory itself.
 * Run Doom 3.
 * Click "mods" on the main menu
 * Select "clusternade10".
 * Either load a map with the "map" command or player the main 
game.  Normal hand grenades are now clusternades.



* The code is fairly well commented, what little there is.  It 
should be fairly straightforward, if you're curious.
* For those with some scripting knowledge, go ahead and unpack the 
PK4 and put in in the scripts folder to install the mod semi-
permanently (make a backup of the file it replaces first!).  The 
#defines at the beginning of the file can be changed to 
drastically alter the behavior of the mod.
* If you hang onto the grenade for too long, the clusters don't 
activate.  It's a...  "safety feature", yeeeeaaaah...
* Because I can't edit the code for the projectile (grenade) 
itself without the SDK, I instead have to just sit in a loop and 
wait for the thrown grenade to explode.  As a consequence, you 
can't throw another grenade until the first one explodes.
* It appears launchProjectile decrements ammo by itself (which 
surprises me, actually).  In other words, every secondary grenade 
generated decreases ammo by one.  It could be counteracted 
artificially by increment ammo to compensate, but I consider it a 
balancing feature.


Revision History

1.0	* First release.  This release.


Special Thanks

* waterboy4800 for revealing to me the wonders of 
createProjectile(), making this mod possible
* Ioy for the original idea



I'd appreciate a brief mention in the README, including the URL 
above, if you use this mod in your own work.


Thanks for reading; please enjoy!