The Tombs 2 - Map Generation Build


Those familiar with The Tombs, a roguelike flash game begun in my senior year, have no doubt wondered at the lack of updates. Put simply, the project outgrew the medium: no matter what tricks and shortcuts I implemented, the game as it was designed ran too slowly on all but the most powerful machines. As it was always intended as a light, "pick up and play" implementation of the roguelike, this slowdown was unacceptable. To be fair to Macromedia, moving the code to their new actionscript system could have alleviated some of the problems, but it wouldn't change the basic fact that it no longer really made sense as a Flash game (if it ever did).

With the lessons learned from the original in mind, I've begun writing a sequel, choosing this time to opt for the more powerful complexity of good ol' C++. Though it's far, far away from even a basic playable version, I have completed some early level generation algorithms. Download the build from the link above and run tombs2.exe to begin.

Keyboard Controls
arrow keys - move the map in viewing window
escape - end the program
space - randomize the graphics tiles for a "weathered" effect
m - display a map of the current level
e - delete the current level and generate an empty map
r - delete the current level and generate a random division-style map

The following commands display a "before" (left) and "after" (right) map when executed. Press any key to close the map.

a - add random straight walls to the current map
z - add random corners to the current map
s - convert intersections in the current map to square rooms
c - strip intersections and adjoining walls from the current map
x - slice corners from the current map into diagonals

Note that you can run the modifiers repeatedly to enhance their effects.